Child care educator and young child in outdoor play area at Papilio Meadowbank

Our People

Our People

Here at Papilio Early Learning Meadowbank, we share a strong passion for shaping the minds of young children. We have been operating for 9 years and are excited to always welcome new families. Our team are experienced staff members who continuously strive to improve their skills and knowledge in childcare.

Meet our Centre Manager

Name: Amanda Brown
Qualifications: bachelor in education birth to five years
What makes you passionate about Early Childhood Education?

The best part about being in early childhood is the children and just how much they can teach us as adults. I love setting up fun and exciting experiences and watching how children interact with the experience and how they each child will take something new and different away from the experiences. I love that children challenge my thinking and are constantly helping me grow as an educator.
What is your most memorable moment at the centre?
I think my most memorable moment at the Centre was when I was doing news with my three year old and I asked the child to come up and tell the class about his shark and he proceeded to tell me that it was not just a shark but a certain type of sharks and that it was as long as a bus and had a certain number of teeth. We then all proceeded to learn about the various types of sharks and drew out maps as to how long each shark was outside. 
Fun fact about you:
I love science and being able to incorporate fun science lessons for all our children her at Papilio.