Children’s Yoga Classes

Building Children’s Self-Awareness, Resilience and Mindfulness Through Yoga

Introducing children to yoga is all about creative expression, mindfulness and relaxation. Growing up in a busy world with so many distractions, it’s important for parents to provide an opportunity for children to relax, learn to self-calm, and build their energy and esteem.

Just as yoga help adults to relax and unite their body with their breathing through poses and movement, yoga helps children to connect with their bodies and build self-confidence.

In our specially designed yoga classes for preschoolers, children can expect to be taken on an inner journey as they begin to explore mindfulness in an age-appropriate way. Our classes help your child to practice concentration, strength, flexibility, balance and positive body image.

Our yoga classes include stretching, storytelling, yoga poses, breathing exercises and team yoga activities.

Find out more about our weekly yoga classes, included in the daily fee, by booking a tour at our centre or calling 1800 CHILD CARE.