School Readiness

Papilio School Readiness

Supporting children to reach their full potential

Guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, our qualified educators gradually introduce the children to key Prep Program learning disciplines, focusing on age-appropriate skills. ​

Our School readiness program is all about providing children with the essential tools they need to put their best foot forward when they begin formal schooling. ​

At Papilio we provide a healthy balance of intentional teaching and child-initiated learning which guides our curriculums. Our extensive school readiness program focus’ on literacy, numeracy, independence, emotional resilience and social connectivity. ​

The Prep children have access to technology with school readiness apps such as ‘Reading Eggs’ and ‘Mathseeds’ and are available to each child to use at their own pace. Our school readiness program is also complimented by our internal literacy and numeracy workbooks as well as our ‘At home learning’ workbook to support and further foster their learning.